BeautySafe Updates May 2020

Level 1, General Trades Practices, Section C, Viruses, Types of Pathogenic Viruses: Hepatitis B and C

Updated contagion lifespan of Hepatitus. New text underlined

Hepatitis B and C are viruses carried in the blood and body fluids of infected people, which can lead to serious lifelong liver damage. Some symptoms of acute infection with hepatitis are jaundice*, fatigue, joint pain, stomach pain and nausea.
Hepatitis B virus (or HBV) is very infectious and can be spread through sexual contact, tattooing, piercing, needle pricks, as well as sharing personal items such as a razor or toothbrush.
Hepatitis C virus (or HCV) is not as easily transmitted but can also be passed on by tattooing, piercing and any other activity that may involve blood.
HBV can survive outside the human body for up to 7 days and HCV for up to 6 weeks in certain conditions (Paintsil et al., 2014). It is strongly encouraged and recommended that all personal service workers become immunized against the hepatitis B virus. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C virus, so it is necessary to practice strict adherence to prevention through avoiding blood and body fluid contact and practising strict disinfection and sterilization procedures.


Paintsil, E., Binka, M., Patel, A., Lindenbach, B. D., & Heimer, R. (2014). Hepatitis C Virus Maintains Infectivity for Weeks After Drying on Inanimate Surfaces at Room Temperature: Implications for Risks of Transmission. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 209(8), 1205–1211.

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