General updates April 2020

General Trades, Level 1, Section C, “Viruses”, April 28: Added “COVID-19” as a type of virus

General Trades, Level 1, Section A, “Welcome to BeautySafe”, April 29: Updated details on how certificates are delivered – digitally and in print. Updated text underlined here.

At the end of this course, you will earn a certificate. The first certificate will be a secure digital certificate issued by Accredible. This certificate will be in PDF format and can be saved as a JPEG for your website or social media (with your own software). You can also print the PDF. Following this, you will receive an official paper certificate to post on your wall, plus a wallet card, and a window decal for all clients to see as they enter your space.

General Trades, Level 1, Section A, “Contagious Diseases”, April 29: Updated the term “objects” to better reflect the correct test question. Updated text underlined here.

They may spread through dirty hands, objects which are shared between people, implements, open sores, pus, mouth and nose discharge, shared drinking cups, and surfaces that people touch.

General Trades, Level 1, Section A, Test section, April 29: Eliminated two duplicate test questions and removed two questions referring to bloodborne infections not properly covered in the lesson materials.

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